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QR Code Generator

Everyone is looking for a solution to generate QR codes online. Generating a QR code is not a big task.

A QR code is a set of patterns stored in an image that can be decoded with the help of a QR Code Decoder.

You can store any kind of information in a QR code. You can even store a logo in a QR code.

This is a QR code generator with logo and it is absolutely free for life.

This QR code maker is powered by artificial intelligence so you can create QR codes very easily.

We will guide you to create your QR code online with the help of this tool. You just need to follow the following steps and you will be able to generate a QR code for you absolutely free.

How To Generate QR Code

Address with Alia QR code generation is a very simple process. You can use this QR code maker with the help of the following steps.

1) Write Your Text or Code

Here in the given text area Aad you can right whatever text you want to add.

You may add some secret information that you want to share with someone secretly and provide him or her with a QR Code Decoder to decode your message.

This is a very powerful technique to share secret information with someone.

2) Custom Logo

Some people want to make this QR code something special so they can add a custom logo with a QR code.

Anyone can share a personalized QR code with the help of this amazing software called QR code maker.

You just need to select the custom logo function and then a  box will appear right below the function.

Here you need to choose a file that you want to use as a custom logo for that QR code.

Now you need to select the logo size, by default it has been set to 50. (You can change as per your wish)

3) Generate QR code

Has the final step, now you need to click the "Generate" button. And that's it you have successfully generated a QR code.

Bingo! That was the simplest process available on the internet. This has become a reality with the help of artificial intelligence.

With the help of the software, you can generate as many QR codes as you want and share them with your friends, colleagues, and family.

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