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Convert Case To Multiple Forms For Free | Uppercase, Lowercase, Sentence Case, Capitalize

Convert Case

Now you can use this tool to convert cases to multiple forms of text. This tool is really helpful for many of us. 

This tool helps you to simplify your task by just clicking on the buttons to get multiple forms of text.

You can use this tool to lowercase text, uppercase, convert to sentence case, and even to capitalize text.

this tool is really helpful for many like you can merge the use of this tool with text to slug converter, this could be used in URL format. 

If you want to give it a try then you can use Lorem Ipsum Generator is a text generator and then use this case converter to convert the case.

How To Use Case Converter

This is a very simple process. Anyone can convert a case with just a few clicks.

1) Choose The Text For Case Converter

Here you need to add some text in the text area. You can simply copy/paste your text or you can write on your own.

2) Select The Case To Convert

Now you need to select the propper case you want to use as a case converter.

3) Copy The Converted Case

That's it! Finally, a new text area box will pop up and from there you can copy your text. 

This is a simple process for converting cases.

We are also adding new features like aLtErNaTiNg cAsE, InVeRsE CaSe, Download Text, Title Case etc.

If you enjoyed using this tool then feel free to explore some more online tools from


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