Word Counter

Online Word Counter With Character Counter, Sentence Counter, Paragraph Counter & Much More For Free.

Word Counter

You can use this tool to count words online. With the help of this tool, anyone can easily Count Words from a paragraph or sentence.

We have bundled this tool (Word Counter Online) with some more useful tools so you don't need to check multiple pages.

Character Counter

This character counter tool is used to count characters from a paragraph or sentence. We have even made it more simple by adding character counters with spaces and without spaces.

Paragraph Counter

Now, this is something you need to know, this paragraph counter tool is really useful for content writers / digital marketing agencies and SEO writers.

With the help of this paragraph counter, you can easily count the number of paragraphs. This will help you get tracked about the best content practice.

How To Use Word Counter

This is a really simple method and can be used with a few simple clicks.

1) Write The Content

Here you need to write the content which you want to count into multiple forms. Or simply you can paste the content in this text area.

2) Check Counter

Now you need to choose the correct counter for you. You can check the multiple forms of the counter above the text area.

3) Get an Idea

That's it! You have successfully counted the text into your desired counter format.

Use this Word Counter to count words, Character Counter to count characters with space and without space also the Paragraph Counter to count the number of paragraphs.

We hope you will enjoy using these tools, If so, please check more online tools from aionlinetools.com


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