Javascript Obfuscator

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Javascript Obfuscator

With the help of this tool, you can easily Obfuscate Javascript.

This tool is really powerful and really useful for client-side projects such as HTML5 games.

Sometimes you need to protect your JavaScript codes from simply copying or pasting your work on their portals.

And that's why this tool has developed. So start using Javascript Obfuscator for free and enjoy coding.

How To Use Javascript Obfuscator

You might have wondered how to use the Javascript Obfuscator, but don't worry we are here to help you throughout the process.

You just need to follow the following states and you will be able to use Javascript Obfuscator easily.

1) Paste JavaScript Code

You just need to paste the JavaScript code in the given text area. It could be a working Javascript code.

2) Click On Obfuscate

Now you just need to click on the Obfuscate button listed right below the text area.

That's it! You have successfully Obfuscated your javascript code. A new popup will appear right below the Obfuscate button.

You can simply use our Javascript DeObfuscator tool to DeObfuscate your JavaScript code.

I hope you enjoyed Minifying the HTML code process and if yes, don't forget to visit our more ai online tools from



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