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HTML Minifier

Online HTML Minifier is a free tool. With the help of this HTML format corrector, you can easily format HTML codes.

You can minify the HTML codes with the help of an HTML Minifier.

Nowadays HTML format corrector is a really essential tool for developers and coders. This tool helps you to format the HTML codes in a good manner that anyone can read them easily.

Don't worry this HTML format corrector is very easy to use and anyone can format their HTML codes easily.

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How To Use HTML Minifier

Using this HTML Minifier is really easy, you just need to follow the following steps.

We will start from the basics, let's go.

1) Paste HTML Code

You just need to paste the HTML code in the given text area. It could be raw HTML code.

2) Click On Minify

Now you just need to click on the Minify button listed right below the text area.

That's it! You have successfully beautified your HTML code. A new popup will appear right below the Minify button.

You can easily copy the beautified HTML code and use it anywhere you want.

I hope you enjoyed Minifying the HTML code process and if yes, don't forget to visit our more ai online tools from


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